Zoë Rose Chik Chat

A Personal Development and Social Media Platform designed to empower women
of all ages with information, enriching tools, relevant resources, social interactions, and products to improve their lives, families, and communities.

An App that energizes women to set and reach their life goals, interact with friends, or sip on a cup of  tea in the comfort of their home.

Who is Zoë Rose?

Zoë Rose’s passion and purpose for over 30 years has been in the fields of personal development, training, and publishing. She is a writer, instructional designer, inspirational speaker, event and community organizer, publisher, and a corporate executive. Zoë Rose has two respected brands in personal and community development. She has developed volumes of content and has written and published books, magazines, training modules, and articles for her own publications as well as others.

What is Zoë Rose Chik Chat?

Zoë Rose Chik Chat is a modern, unique, and versatile social media platform that takes personal development to the next level.  It is a personalized roadmap to self-improvement providing you the assistance of health experts, finance managers, relationship gurus as well as home décor designers who are masters of their craft. The app is interactive, informative, inspiring, and fun.  This all-in-one free experience provides exclusive personal development assistance to people belonging to all age groups.

Along with Zoë Rose, her team, and the help of experts, you can benefit not only from personalized improvement advice; but also the customized user-friendly and accessible tools and resources which can assist you in your journey towards a better tomorrow. With the provision of the right resources, we also ensure that the progress you make is tracked to maximize your experience. The Chik Chat ease of connectivity, customized profiles, chats, and the ability to expand followers in a secured environment offers comfort when sharing information with family and friends. Our platform hosts women who can choose to share their goals, ideas, and journeys to seek to inspire and motivate others; or privately engage while sipping on a cup of tea.

Get ready to learn the art of successfully managing your personal and professional life knowing we will meet you where you are in your life, your family life as well as your community life.

How it Works?

The user has the ability to-
  • Join a group that focuses on your goals and desires. Group topics range from eating practices to occupations to relationships and more. While in these groups, or groups created by you or your followers, women can communicate and share their experiences with like-minded individuals.
  • Visit a home wall feed where you can view your fellow followers’ posts with the ability to like, comment, or share.
  • Access content, tools and resources to better analyze the progress in your life-wellness journey via the following categories: Healthy Living, Relationships, Finances and Home Décor.
  • Read daily inspiration and gain insight from author/coach, Zoë Rose. You can schedule a chat with the Chik Chat admin team as well as submit a topic of interest to be considered by the team for submission to the app’s content.
  • Take assessments and complete daily commitments to stay in step with your life -wellness journey.
  • Access a calorie, steps, and food in-take tracker as well as a meal planner.

Effective Features

Our features and experiences are empowering, informative, inspiring, and fun.

Multigenerational App

An interactive social platform for women of all ages.


Receive expert content, feedback, and insight from Zoë Rose herself, her team plus passionate lifestyle experts.


Amazing user-friendly interface with beautiful, fun and easy-to-use tools and resources for users.

Tracker and Meal Planner

Keep track of your food intake, steps, and calories in one spot.


Create and store 1-on-1 or group videos and message chats.


Write in your personal journal daily with the option to share it.

My Journey

Start your health and lifestyle-wellness journey with content, assessments, and daily commitments created with you in mind.


Read periodic updates about enhancements that will continue to inspire you.

What social impact will Zoë Rose Chik Chat have?


Contribute to the education, motivation, health, and wellness of users.


Improve love and family relationships as well as child development opportunities and outcomes.


Improve planning, financial literacy and security, and wealth creation opportunities.

Home Décor

Create a personal sanctuary for de-stressing at home and contribute to a well-functioning family environment.


A Mobile App with personal development content, virtual socializing,

and a cup of tea with girlfriends.

“Forever Young Mind Body Spirit”


for you to DOWNLOAD FREE!

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